Last week, Bravo aired a 21-minute preview of Rachel Zoe's, stylist to the stars , new reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project, airing on September 8th.

We tried, you guys. We really, really didn't want to like her, but in the reality show teaser Zoe came across as someone we'd like to go to lunch with, do a little shopping afterwards, and talk lots of shit about people in between. You know, like we do with all of our other super fun girlfriends.

Rachel Zoe takes over Bravo

If that isn't enough to get you to watch the show, and really, we don't blame you because of all of the other fashion programming airing this fall, Zoe's two assistants, Taylor and Brad, are well-worth waisting an hour of your life each week on the couch, watching them bicker like cats and dogs. In this clip, watch as the gang attempts to bounce back from a major accident in the fashion closet. Warning: If you can't handle a grown man crying like a baby, don't bother watching.