InCaseThere are few things sadder than a scratched up tech toy. Students of today often have to tote around more than just a couple of books and a Jansport, and it's important to keep those extra goodies protected from the bumps and scratches of hectic school life. Just a wee bit of prevention can go a long way. Really, once you get that hardcore scar across the front of your super-shiny Macbook after accidentally skimming it with your bracelet-decorated wrist, you'll be sorry you didn't read this!

Protect your gadgets

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A lot of students swear by their computers and it can be a major downer when one's laptop suffers from a harsh collision with God-knows-what in travel. While there are some accidents that not even a trip-safe, magnetic power cord can save, cosmetic damage can be prevented by simply investing in a case. Now, these cases don't have to be chunky pieces of cheap-looking plastic. Just look at our previously mentioned InCase shells for Mac notebooks. This post is being written straight from a MacBook Pro covered in a velvety plum and, even though it kind of looks like it should belong to Prince, it's super-stylin'.

Those that don't own Mac notebooks or just need something for scratch prevention can turn to Gelaskins, which are essentially easy-to-remove stickers. They also offer skins for items like iPods and iPhones and the designs are much more varied than that of InCase.

But if you don't feel like spending money on basic protection or are more of the crafty type, there are always DIY options. Loads of others have found ways to keep their school essentials safe by sewing sleeves and there are countless tutorials posted all over the Internet. Check out some of these and do something special with that beloved sweater that doesn't fit you anymore.

Our favorite thing to do is to grab a stylish messenger bag to tote around our notebooks, because it can be a bit impractical to have a bag that is only for holding a laptop. Grab something sleek, large, and functional from a high-quality place like Lacoste to guarantee a safe spot for your laptop, with enough room for the rest of your goodies. No need to carry both a purse and a laptop bag. A good (and unexpected) place to look for Lacoste messengers is the Urban Outfitters website, which often has sales on these bags. Plus, free shipping on orders over $200!

Another essential piece of hardware for the student on the go is a basic flash drive. These are usually pretty plain and straightforward, but there are loads of places that have the fashionable geeks in mind. With themes that range from Star Wars to The White Stripes, there are endless options. Our favorite is this ridiculously awesome flash drive that comes in a Swiss Army Knife, complete with a frikkin' laser beam. Being able to tuck that USB drive back into the knife means that you don't have to worry about gunk getting in and messing up the connection.