We know that designer fragrance commercials have a tendency to come on too strong, but the first of James Franco's TV spots for Gucci for Gucci is so over the top serious that it kinda hurt our brain. In fact, we kept thinking it was a spoof. Does pretending that a men's fragrance is a world-changing event really make anyone want to lather up?

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Maybe it's because we just finally made it out to the theater to catch him in Pineapple Express, but we just can't watch him do something like this and take him seriously. He nailed his wastoid character so perfectly in Pineapple, and we just can't help but be disappointed when he doesn't break up this super stark fashion ad with a inappropriate stoner joke.

The fragrance is for men right? So why is the commercial completely devoid of football or women in bikinis -- and why is James Franco the spokesmodel? Could it be that it's actually targeted towards women? Gucci has probably done some research and determined that the majority of men's cologne is actually purchased by women for their man. That wouldn't be a total shocker.

Think that's bad?

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