Nothing sucks more than purchasing a new magazine only to find out that the contents of the glossy aren't worth there two dollar cover charge. And if it's a fashion mag that you are purchasing, sometimes you only want to look at the edits. So coughing up cash to take home the whole issue can be annoying.

However, the aforementioned unfortunate plights may be no more because there is a new online service that allows one to view issues of their favorite magazines free of charge.

Mygazines allows people to look at fully scanned issues of everything from an IKEA catalog to Cosmopolitan without having to use a PayPal account. We've been checking the site out for a couple of days now and have already read the September issues of Marie Claire and Glamour. If you're interested in perusing the site, you better act quick!

Once the publishers of these magazine's find out that they can be viewed free, this little operation will probably be shutting down soon after.