(Click the photo to see which celebs are rockin' the freckle trend)

Vogue is the Bible, so what Vogue says goes. This time the fashion Bible is declaring that freckles are officially back in. In the world of women who bake themselves for hours at a time by the pool, were they ever really out?

Editor of men's mag GQ is down with the freckles trend too. He says, "Freckles are a provocation: if I can see that some of you is freckled, I cant help wondering about the rest."

But, before you go freckled, just remember, freckles can be a sign of sun damage. And remember by the time you've baked out long enough by the pool, alabaster skin will be back in. Trends may come and go, but skin cancer is forever -- it kills.

In the past many celebrities have tried to cover up their natural freckles with foundation but from here on out expect to see a lot of ladies on the red carpet going fresh faced.

Sexy celebs with freckles

Sienna MillerLily ColeJulianne MooreLindsay LohanJennifer Aniston