As this article in the Guardian points out, is you go down the long list of Steve Carell's goof-ball characters, you find that he has managed to turn the boring, nondescript, middle-America business suit into a part of his persona. From his mentally challenged Brick Tamland from Anchorman to his bumbling Michael Scott from The Office, Steve rocks the business suit in his own uniquely insecure way. We kinda wonder: isn't that maybe just a part of who Steve Carell is?

He not only wears the business suit in his hilarious roles as secret agents and middle managers, but what the Guardian missed is the fact the he kinda wears dorky suits all the time. We're not saying that he's not a genius when it comes to capturing the mundane trivialities of modern life. He could be a method actor who tries to never completely break from his persona while he's out in public -- or maybe he just shops at Men's Wearhouse.

[via Jezebel]