Cute Maddox Jolie-Pitt is probably the most fashion-forward member of the growing brood. He was sporting his trademark mohawk long before Hollywood hipsters decided to bring back the late eighties. In typical "oldest child" style, he continues to lead, this time breaking the color barrier with some blue Manic Panic, hanging with his dad and brother Pax at the Venice Film festival.

There are probably a couple of parents out there thinking, "How can they let him do all of these crazy things? He's seven." But remember, if your mom is Angelina Jolie and your dad is Brad Pitt, you probably have more blackmail material than you know what to do with. Staying up late? Eating cookies? Child's play! For his twelfth birthday Mads will probably get his own Lamborghini, which he'll drive on the private track in the backyard of their mansion.

We love his self-confidence and individual style. Way to rock your own path, little man!