Forget hitting the gym -- the way of the future is It Cosmetics. This unique line of body makeup is designed to make you look like you have six pack abs, when really all you have is a six pack of beer.

From giving A-cups great cleavage to giving cottage cheese thighs definition, It Cosmetics has a product for any part of your body that makes you feel insecure. Seriously. You can buy a kit called, "My Beautiful Breasts."

Look like an Olympic athlete without setting foot in the gym!

And don't worry -- this product is for all genders. So guys, you haven't been left out. "Abs in a Box," comes in a set for men or for women.

We can't decide if we think this idea is insanely cool, or just flat out insane. On one hand, it's big time cheating to have six pack abs without having put in the sweat. On the other hand -- how great would it be if we could all look muscular and toned and have to spend no time at the gym?!?

So tell us what you think. Would you use this product?