Sure, having people drop hints that you should get some cosmetic work done is offensive -- but having them write an article about it, now that's just straight-up, top-notch journalism. That's why we couldn't pass up this juicy report in which Orange County's finest surgeons give Hillary Clinton some notes on what to do with her face.

That's right, these MDs say they can tell that she's already had some work done -- but she didn't get much bang for her buck. These prominent face fixers each say they could help Hillary look her best with a couple tweaks here and there. For example, Dr. Vince Afsahi recommends a dermafiller and a little botox action:
"Fillers such as Juvederm for the laugh lines, lip lines, and cheek augmentation can be used. Botox is wonderful for the crow's feet, frown lines, and glabella [between the eyebrows]."

Others, like Dr. Payman Simoni say that surgery is the only way to fix signs of aging in front of today's high tech cameras. Honestly, we think that talking about what Hillary should do to her face is just a little too creepy. What do you think?

Politics and Cosmetic Surgery Do Mix

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