While browsing Endless.com the other day--which, by the way, has an excellent clearance section right now--we came across this truly astonishing pair of platform heels. Pleaser, the company that manufactures them, specializes in shoes that only an on-duty stripper can get away with wearing. But this pair, dubbed "Adore," really goes above and beyond their typical offerings of thigh-high pleather boots and faux-maribou slides.

Not only does this pair feature clear heels (which, like clear bra straps, should generally be avoided), but inside the 2 1/2 inch platforms are tiny little roses. And they can be yours for just $32.97!

If you are yearning to stand seven inches taller without the assistance of stilts, these may be the shoes for you. If you are upset that you were born post-disco era and never had the chance to wear platforms boots with goldfish in them, these may be the shoes for you. If you spend a lot of time strolling Santa Monica Boulevard at two in the morning, these may be the shoes for you. And, if you are none of these things, we hope you were as amused as we were by the fact that this pair of shoes actually exists.