As much as Rafael Nadal's highly athletic style has made an impression on the world of tennis, it's not his mind-boggling work on the baseline that define his image. He's perhaps better known to non-tennis fans as the guy who wears capri pants, bandannas, and sleeveless shirts. Now that he's more or less the golden boy of tennis -- taking the crown from Federer at Wimbeldon last month -- his PR department is steering him towards a more classic tennis look.

According to his management team: "Rafa will have a new image at the U.S. Open." They're looking shift Rafa's image from the tennis pirate heartthrob into reigning champion. What does that mean exactly? We're not sure. This pic from a couple days ago has him in a polo shirt, tennis shorts, and a headband. Is this the new look?

Look, we're not big fans of Rafa's capri pants -- quite the opposite -- but it doesn't it seem a bit disingenuous to have him change his look simply because he's the top player in men's tennis?