Whoa, Cindy. Way to bring your common touch to the Republican National Convention! According to the experts at Vanity Fair, the total cost of crisp-featured Cindy McCain's mustard yellow ensemble from Tuesday night tipped the scales to the tune of $313,000-ish.

In contrast, poor Laura Bush was practically wearing gardening clothes, with an outfit that was in the $3,500-$4,300 range.

Actually, they were both in Oscar de la Renta. The big difference -- and we do mean big -- was Cindy's choice of jewelry, including a pair of 3 carat diamond earrings, estimated to cost about $280,000.

Vanity Fair does point out that they only cost that much if they're real. Right! Because there's a sliver of a chance that Cindy McCain showed up on TV wearing "a really good fake" anything besides her boobs.

The magazine did not speculate on how much the total cost would increase if we included the pre-convention Botox touch up and hair highlighting.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images