(Think that's bad? We found the Worst Sagging Offenders of All Time - click the photo to see the horror!)

When you get dressed in the morning, do you check through your city's penal code to make sure your outfit is in accordance with all laws and ordinances? Well, maybe you should. As you've probably heard, some cities are trying to legislate fashion by trumping up ridiculous laws as if they're writing the local high school's student dress code. We say: this is still America isn't it? Land of the free?

Apparently not if you happen to live in Riviera Beach, Florida, where cops issued Kenneth Smith a ticket for "exposure of undergarments in public." Evidently, the cops were investigating a suspected drug dealer when they noticed Kenneth hanging out next to the suspect's Impala. One of the officers noticed that his blue and white boxers were visible "approximately two inches below his waist" -- an obvious threat to society.

Kenneth faces up to a $150 fine as a first time offender, and if cops ever want to use this lame pretense to dettain him again -- he could face up to 30 days in jail. Ridiculous. Look, we're not big fans of sagging, but if sagging is illegal, then why aren't Speedos? Oh, that's right -- they are.

Worst Sagging Offenders of All Time