This is the most fun book we've read in ages. Do you love lists? Do love fashion? Do you like little insider tid-bit anecdotes? Nina Garcia's The One Hundred fulfills all of these cravings. And more!

Billed as "A guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own" this book from the Project Runway judge actually lives up to the promise of the subtitle. Organized from A to Z, it includes a description of the item, some of Nina's classic favorites, and tips on how to wear it. From high heels to slippers, demin jackets to pearl necklaces, the basics are covered from luxe to fundamental.

The illustrations by Ruben Toledo give it a festive, Auntie Mame-ish feel, but also work to keep it from getting dated. Nothing gets stale as fast as a fashion photo, unless it's a picture of a computer!

This book is as perfect for someone just getting into fashion as it is for the experienced fashionista who wants a reminder of the great things in her closet. If it's on your coffee table, it will be picked up and read cover to cover by all of your girlfriends.