We don't have a problem shelling out a bit of cash for underwear -- our favorite brands don't come cheap, you know. However, when we spend our hard earned dollars on unmentionables, they'd better be new and unworn, neither of which qualities can be used to describe the tightie-whities formerly belonging to Michael Jackson that a New Jersey businessman has put up for sale on eBay.

The underwear in question will have a reserve bid of one million dollars. They are unwashed (eewwww) and were part of the evidence from Jacko's 2003 child-molestation case. They are sealed in an evidence bag and wrapped with police tape -- like a present!

But wait, there's more! If you're the, uh, lucky? winning bidder, you'll also get MJ's hand-written note explaining why he wanted to be annuled from Lisa Marie Presley and a used (yes, used) half-ounce tube of skin-bleaching cream.

If we're spending $1 million on eBay, we're pretty sure we can find something a lot less icky to buy. But, if you happen to be interested (and if you are, please tell us why), the listing should be up today.