Do you dare wear short shorts? Kirstie Arnold does, and for that she's going to jail. Of course, Arnold also dares to get arrested for drugs, harassment and running over tombstones while driving through a cemetery, allegedly, but that is beside the point.

Kirstie Arnold was in front of Judge Janet Booth, again, and was reportedly busted by the fashion police for her attire, or the lack thereof. Apparently Daisy Dukes (do they still call them Daisy Dukes?) and baby-doll tank-tops are not considered courtroom chic in Kenutcky. Who knew?

Rules for wearing shorts

Do: Basic, casual, midriseDon't: Super short shortsDo: Long, lean BermudaDon't: Chop off your leg with a cuffDo: Consider the waist

Arnold believes that the good judge has something personal against her and promises that she'll request a different judge next time. That's called planning ahead.

Now, we're not legal counsel, but we have watched nearly every episode of Eli Stone and we have noticed a pattern. That pattern is pants. Or dresses. Or skirts. We have not seen any short shorts, babydoll tops or braless defendants- except the men, most of whom were not wearing bras. If we were to offer any advice to Ms. Arnold, besides the obvious one regarding she quit committing crimes, it would be to update the wardrobe. Consider it community service.