We recently got a chance to chat with the ever fashionable James Aguiar. Though he had a heck of a run before he hit airwaves, you probably know him best for his hosting duties on the Style Network's The Look for Less and Style Court.

James' latest gig, Full Frontal Fashion, appears on ULTRA HD, the world's first channel completely dedicated to fashion, beauty, and style. Swoon! Like any good reporter would, James has been getting up close and personal with designers and celebs during New York Fashion Week to bring us the biggest and brightest of the season. The lucky lad also gets a seat so close to the action he can practically kiss the stage. So who better to share insight with us on the upcoming fall and spring seasons?

Kicking it off with the most obvious of questions, we talked trends. James rattled off a list that got us completely excited for spring – jumpsuits, rompers, asymmetrical, layering particularly at Marc Jacobs, oversized bags like those shown at Michael Kors, and dreamy pastels which are "just beautiful" for spring.

But as we all know, in fashion "one day you're in, the next day you're out." On that note, James chuckled as he decided the hugely popular jumpsuit will most likely be the flash in the pan spring trend.

"It is the news of the season but is it a difficult trend to sell. It is the clunker of the season but so many designers are doing it and young celebrities wearing it, that it is impossible to ignore."

If these trends are so difficult to wear, as regular old consumers, we often wonder how we're supposed to keep up with these fashionable "clunkers" on a budget. James says that simply letting designers inspire your looks and not taking the looks so literally is the best way to go.

"For example, take the concept or a piece. A designer might show a menswear influence. So you might want to just take a vest or crisp white shirt. You don't have to do it head to toe. Bohemian, same thing. You don't want to look like you just stepped out of 1968. Don't take it so seriously and [repeat] don't do it head to toe."

So after James filled our heads with excellent advice and tips on how to bring these looks home, our curious minds wondered what his favorite show was. James happily obliged that he is a Marc Jacobs fan all the way.

"He always keeps us guessing and makes us look at fashion in a different way. His layering for spring is good for retail because it gives the consumer many options. It was a homerun collection."

James also got us even giddier for spring when he said that this was by far one of the best springs he's seen in years. He summed up the season in three beautiful words, "soft, romantic, and optimistic." All we could do was sigh blissfully.

Before we let him off the hook, we grilled James a bit about the impending fall season; asking him what trend piece we need for Fall 2008 and what timeless staple should we all have eternally for fall?

According to James, we all need to take time to smell the trendy roses."Floral prints. They were big in Spring 2008 and carried over into fall." And the ageless classic? "The LBD. It's such a cliché answer but it is the one item that carries you everywhere."

After we hung up, we reflected on the interview, realizing that fashion just doesn't get classier than the little black dress or an elegant man like James Aguiar.

Check out our gallery brimming with James' fashion week favorites.

James Aguiar Fashion Week Favs

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