If it looks like Andre 3000 is about to embark on a historical expedition, that's because he is. Only, the launch has nothing to do with hot air balloons -- they're just a motif at budding designer's coming-out party. This launch is all about sending his new clothing line into the stratosphere.

Better known for his mad rhyme skills, Andre is now turning his eyes away from Outkast and towards his new line Benjamin Bixby. It isn't clear whether the name Benjamin Bixby refers directly to Andre, but he certainly bears some resemblance. According to Andre, Bixby "is a character who's kind of like your uncle, or your granddad, and he has a closet full of experiences and clothes, and he's been around the world."

At his launch party, Andre does look kind of wise beyond his years. It's probably the hat and the suspenders that make him seem more worldly than the average man. Plus, his red and white shirt looks somewhere between a turn of the century football jersey and the flag of some forgotten Nordic country. Nice touch.