Now is your chance to put lipstick on a wig (but it's still a wig)! The Sarah Palin wigs and hairstyles are here- finally (McCain's hairstyle will be here soon enough, stupid male pattern baldness). Wigs not recommended for Pit Bulls.

The wigs were no trouble, no trouble at all- in fact they were already in stock. No they weren't leftover Tina Fey costumes (see glasses), but they did have a famous face attached to them.

Would you believe Raquel Welsh?

WigSalon is marketing their Raquel Welsh style wigs as a great Sarah Palin alternative. "Simply bobby pin back the upper layers of the Raquel Welch's new Valentine wig style, which is truly beautiful in it's [sic] own right, and let the longer layers fall freely."

WigSalon suggests that interested parties (just Republicans, right?) use shades of hazelnut with highlights of strawberry-blond. They also recommend the "Chocolate Copper", which "has an auburn highlight on a deep brown base, which Sarah also shows in some seasons."

Winter, spring, summer or fall, and of course duck season. No, wait, wabbit season.

And no, Tina Fey didn't need a wig, but she does a mean Palin! SNL Video!