We don't mean to go after two Cocos in the same week, but what can we do? We blame it on the Coco Chanel movie on Lifetime this past weekend.

It really pains us to call out Coco Rocha -- most of the time, she is the epitome of what our grandfather would call "a real looker," and she usually makes it look so effortless. And, we love the fact that she has spoken out against eating disorders in the modeling industry, which leads us to believe she's probably a smart, confident, cool girl in real life.

Coco Rocha - She's not normally a Zombie Model

What? I'm smiling!Red HotNatural beautyYoung and fresh-facedSevere style

So why is she hitting the red carpet looking like she wants to eat our brains? It's not the dress we have a problem with -- it's the pale, clammy face with the dark eye shadow an inch above and below the eye that has us running for torches and pitchforks.

Unless she's trying out for a supporting role in Death Becomes Her 2: Get 'Em While They're Barely Dead, this makeup palette, and the artist who created it, needs to be six feet under.