Uniforms can go one of two ways. A man (or woman) in the right uniform can be ridiculously sexy (Catholic school, Navy, baseball), but in the wrong one (bellhop, Reno 911) can have just the opposite effect. W Hotels is certainly aware of this fact, and so in what we think is a brilliant move, they've brought in Gwen Stefani to design dresses for the female bar staff at their hotels.

Gwen's L.A.M.B. line is wildly popular, and we've got to say that if we had to wear uniforms, we'd be thrilled to have Gwen design them (hint, hint, to the powers that be -- StyleList bloggers need designer uniforms!).

These L.A.M.B. looks would work, too

The uniforms are black, wash and wear jersey dresses with a bit of an '80s vibe mixed with '60s details. And, Gwen insists it's functional. "I wanted to design a super cute dress that I would be excited to have in my own closet and approached it in the same way I think about my clothing for a tour. We've designed a sexy and comfortable outfit for these women to wear out on their own stage every night."

Doesn't that just give you the warm fuzzies? Or maybe the green envies?