First of all, let us just say that if you're going to the gym and working up a sweat, you have a right to look as bad as you want. If you run farther or lift better wearing your old basketball shorts, that's fine -- we are big believers in hitting the gym to work out, not to win a fashion contest.

However, maybe you're meeting an old friend there (or hoping to meet that cute boy in your spinning class), and you want to look your best. Or, perhaps you just like to look good no matter what you're doing -- there's nothing wrong with that, either, and we can help!

Flatter Your Figure - Look hot at the gym

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Check out our gallery for a few recent trends in fitnesswear along with a few tips for flattering your figure. Whether you've already achieved your ideal physique or you're hitting the gym for a reason (or 20 "reasons," if you know what we mean), we've got something to help you out!