Yes, supermodels have feelings too. Kate Moss is said to be absolutely "gutted," over her breakup with Jamie Hince. While he was a step up from Pete Doherty who makes art with blood and abuses animals, we still say, goodbye and good riddance.

Although, maybe we spoke too soon. Many people thought he wasn't good enough for the great Kate, but stories of their split make it sound like he was a bit too angelic for her liking.

A friend of Kate's told the Daily Mail, "Jamie told her he was fed up with her reluctance to stop partying and focus on normality."

So basically what they're saying is that dirty looking Jamie was actually the good influence in the relationship? Yikes! If white powdered noses was Kate on her best behavior with Jamie than we're scared to see what happens next now that he won't be there to keep things under control.

But, having a child and being age 34 hasn't slowed her down yet, so we can't imagine Kate stopping her wild ways anytime soon.