We love Christina Hendricks, in all of her sexy babiliciousness and glory. Watching her strut across the offices of Sterling Cooper makes us want to rush out for some hardcore vintage shopping and a box of red hair dye.

Mad Men at the 2008 Emmys

Christina Hendricks at the 2008 EmmysElizabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, and Maggie Siff at the 2008 EmmysJohn Slattery and Jon Hamm at the 2008 EmmysJanuary Jones at the 2008 EmmysThe Cast and Producers of Mad Men at the 2008 Emmys

Sometimes the ladies of Mad Men, surely in an effort to escape retro-typecasting, go a little too modern with their red carpet attire. (Yes, January Jones, we mean you and all the crazy headdress things. Stop. Now.)

At the Emmys, we think Christina got it just right with her flowing green gown. Perfect for her coloring! Fabulous decollettage! And look at those bejeweled shoes...record screech!

Holy painful bunions! Poor Christina looks like she's practically crippled by her strappy sandals! Is this a particularly painful form of method acting, where the women must wear disfiguring (but ah-mazing) stilettos and are refused medical intervention?

Just like everyone else, we love the way those sky high heels make her sway, but we're petitioning Christina to switch back to flats and flip flops, at least when you're not in costume, on camera!

In the gallery, the lovely Christina in her full Grecian glory, plus some snaps of the rest of the Mad Men cast, who all managed to look pretty snazzy. (No, that doesn't mean we liked your headband, January.)