It's a pretty well-accepted fact that Brad Pitt is prettier than most guys, regardless of their age. Hell, he's prettier than a good percentage of women we know! And while we're not sure we buy this story in its entirety (the National Enquirer isn't exactly the most reliable source), we think there's probably a good bit of truth in it.

Brad Pitt - Is his beauty routine working?

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Apparently, Brad Pitt spends an hour every night applying various cleansers, toners, creams, and balms to his face, including his $1400 a jar Creme de la Mer anti-aging moisturizer. And, once a week, he applies an olive oil-based cream on his hands and feet to keep his skin soft and supple. He even wears gloves and socks to bed to make sure he gets the full moisturizing benefits.

We're thinking that, with all the kids in the house, including newborn twins, Brad and Angie don't quite have time for such an elaborate ritual every night. However, Brad's business is, essentially, looking good, so we think it's entirely logical (and acceptable) for him to spend more time and money on looking fine than regular folks.