Maybe Matthew Williamson already has one foot out the door. Maybe he's upset that this was his last collection for the iconic brand, Emilio Pucci, and putting on such a confusing show was his revenge. We'll probably never know. But, one thing we are certain of is that the clothes this year just didn't live up to the super fashion house's normal high standards.

Yes, of course there were the signature vibrant prints on many dresses. But even so, some of the pieces just fell flat. They looked outdated -- to the tune of several decades back.

80's fashion has made a bit of a comeback in the past few years, but to do it right, you have to update the look. An 80's look that isn't modernized is something that most people in their right minds wouldn't be caught dead wearing! Mesh gone wrong is the worst.


In between the 80's clothes, there was nothing new. A few pretty gowns came down the runway, but they weren't exciting or fresh -- just boring.

Overall, we were a little underwhelmed with this collection. Browse through the gallery and let us know if you agree.