Totally unjustifiable.
It must be fall. Get out your bad jean jackets.

Here, on sale from Cerry5354, we have a green satin disaster. This is like a castoff from that scene in Return to Oz when Dorothy had to touch everything that was green to bring Oz back to life or something, I don't know, I was only half watching by that point because that Rock dude really freaked my shiz out. And the flying moose box. WTF, moose box? Anyway, all the stuff that was green in that scene was like, really awkwardly and sort of aggressively green. Like this jacket.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Dorothy was played by Fairuza Balk? Thanks.

Ahem. We intend to bring you a good helping of bad denim jackets this fall, so you can avoid any confusion about what is and is not all right to do with your scissors and your Bedazzler.

The lesson of this coat:
Don't cut the arms off your denim jacket and replace them with green satin, throw the cuffs back on, and then lace some of the leftover satin up by the pockets. WTF?