Beyonce pretty much always looks like a million bucks, and her engagement ring is reported to be worth about five million bucks, so we're not all that surprised to hear that B has a climate-controlled closet filled with about a million dollars' worth of high-end hair.

Beyonce's Wonderful Wigs

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Some of her wigs are worth over $10,000 on their own due to the fact that most are custom made from real hair. And, you know, it's probably a good investment for Beyonce -- she changes her 'do practically daily, and it's surely a whole lot easier to take a new wig out of her closet than have to see a hairstylist and have a brand new look created.

While this does sound like a lot of cash to throw down on hair, Beyonce has a charitable side, too. She donates them to a charity that provides women undergoing chemotherapy with wigs when she's through with them. We're wondering, though, if some of them go through a bit of a makeover, first -- that girl has some really, really big wigs on stage sometimes, and we can't imagine most women we know pulling that look off!