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By now, we know that when Oprah says something is good, it's great. Once again she hit the nail on the head when she and Heidi Klum picked Yummie Tummie to be one of Oprah's Top Picks.

Yummie Tummie is shapewear, but it's incredibly wearable. Unlike Spanx, which are vitally necessary but let's admit it, painful, Yummie Tummie tops are comfortable. At the same time, they smooth and control muffin top in a way that we hadn't realized was possible.

The creator of Yummie Tummie is Heather Thompson, a designer and celebrity stylist with clients like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, and she knows a thing or two about dressing curves. After struggling with the awful truth that even the most slender and fit are occasionally afflicted with muffin top, Heather went back to her roots in designing intimate apparel to come up with a solution.

The secret of the Yummie Tummie is a panel around your core that slims and smooths the minute you put it on. It's that simple - the shirt holds you in. We really couldn't believe how amazingly well it worked! Without feeling like we were strapped into a girdle, that jiggle around the middle was completely controlled.

We layered the black tank under a little cardigan and some notoriously muffin top creating jeans. The Yummie Tummie was just as comfortable as wearing a "regular" tank. Our sweater covered the midsection panel, but the neckline and bottom were visible, and undetectable as a "shaping" garment.

10 Essential Tips for Dressing Thin

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Being curvy, we've worn a few shapers in our time. So we were cautiously optimistic (because of the Oprah endorsement) but still braced ourselves for the bottom to creep up over our hips, the way they all do. But the shirt stayed in place, and so did our waist.

So yes, we loved it. And here's a Swear on Karl Lagerfeld's Glove Bonus True Story: in the middle of telling a friend about this amazing tank, she interrupted us by pulling up her sweater to proudly display her own Yummie Tummie. It's a movement!

The Yummie Tummie comes in ten colors and several different shapes - tank tops with wide or narrow straps, t-shirts with scoop or v-necks, and more. After trying one out, you'll be tempted to get one in every color.