There's always an awkward transition from summer to fall where you can't break out your peacoat just yet, and short sleeves don't protect you from the chill. Our perfect solution is an over-sized, comfy "boyfriend cardigan."

Aside from keeping you warm, the boyfriend cardigan (as many stores have nicknamed it) is also flattering to any shape, and can seriously tone down or spice up an outfit. Pair a bright red dress with a dark grey cardigan to make it more appropriate for work - or make a black dress more exciting with a bright pink outer layer.

For a steal, check out Target's Mossimo brand cardigans which go for about $20. American Eagle's version - which includes some awesome bright colors - goes for $40. Finally, American Apparel's unisex version with great button combos are $38.

You totally don't need a boyfriend to rock it.