Kate Moss' modeling career has obviously taught her to strike a pose, but this ... this is just nuts. Sculptor Marc Quinn has created a golden Kate Moss statue, which in theory isn't all that strange. It's the pose that scorches our corneas.

More shots of Kate's crotch-tastic gold statue

When we put our legs behind our heads, we try to wear longer shorts.Proud of yourself, are you?Now you see the beautyPolish away there, buddyWill Kate go see it?

Really, where is your eye drawn when looking at the statue? Her face? Her legs? Or perhaps something a bit lower? Because, totally against our will, we keep on looking at her uncomfortably highly-detailed crotch. And while some people might not be opposed to that, trust us -- it's not our style.

It's a shame, too -- this is the largest gold statue to be created since Ancient Egypt, and what girl doesn't love gold? And it's estimated to be worth £10 million -- we'll find out just how much someone is willing to pay next year when the sculpture's run at the British Museum is finished the the piece is auctioned off.

If you're dying to see it for yourself, you'll need to make it over to the British Museum between October 4 and January 25.