This is by no means the first time we've discussed the risks of plastic surgery on this site, but this might be the first time we've ever fully appreciated how often these implanted body parts seem to fail once they've been installed. A group of accentuated women in Canada -- 29,500 of them to be exact -- have joined forces in a class action lawsuit against Health Canada (like the FDA) seeking damages for the government's so-called negligence.

It's true, these women apparently feel that the Canadian government is at fault for allowing companies like Dow Corning Corp. to sell these implants without properly testing their durability. After a quick glance at the case, an Ontario appeals court threw the case out -- saying that the ladies should seek their damages from the manufacturers of the faulty silicone, not the Canadian health care system. In our opinion, that makes good sense -- unless Canada's universal health care program paid for the 29,500 boob jobs. If that's the case, Canada is way cooler than we previously thought.

10 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters

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