Weird art and Kate Moss seem to go together like supermodels and Diet Coke. We already told you about the golden crotch-shot statue (currently on display at the British Museum), and now we've got something just as unusual, if not worth quite as much -- a self-portrait of the supermodel, drawn in lipstick.

Actually, it's kind of fitting that a model would use makeup as her medium, now that we think about it. Kate drew the portrait while still with her mess of a man, Pete Doherty. Apparently Pete sold the portrait, which he inscribed with "Who needs blood when you've got lipstick?" after the break up, and now that buyer has sold it privately for £33,600.

It was originally up for auction with a reserve price of £40,000, but bids only reached £25,000. Hey, we'd be happy with £250 for our lipstick self-portrait! Who's buying?