WTF? This is so obviously wrong.

It's like this. The jacket was too long so they decided to cut it. Then, while they got ready to cut it, they had seven martinis and decided it would be really funny if they just cut some of it off. We can just see this being a good idea at like, 3am:

"Yeah, you coattails...but on the sides...of this denim jacket...with three quarter sleeves and an awkward, sideways belly-flap."

But that idea should have been trumped in the morning.
What...what were they thinking? The words "easy access" come to mind, as do the words "misguided" and "don't drink and design."

Apparently the side tails are split, and the seller says you can knot them.

Word to the wise: It's not gonna help! This garment is weird, and $80.00, and that will make you look wide. If you're gonna wear this style of androgynous denim, at least do it frumpily and safely. What? No, just don't do it.