Save the Queen! may be lurking just beyond your realm of fashion awareness. Perhaps you've seen them cited in the occasional magazine, or on a website detailing what a particular celebrity is wearing. Their shops are only located in Florence, Paris, and Rome.

Fortunately, they were having a show last time we stopped at The Plaza in New York City. We got a good look at their inventive and exciting designs and wanted to tell you all about it!

They gave us a brochure with some adorably incorrect English (ambients instead of ambiance, etc.) with details about their shops abroad. The Florence shop is constructed to feel like a "sitting room" for a personal, in-the-designer's-home feel. The more commercial shops in Paris and Rome feature elegant decor and modern, black iron fixtures for showcasing the vibrantly colored items.

Their designs draw from history, like their recent collection based on the wedding banquet of Marie de'Medici and Henry IV. How cool is that? Their current line is inspired by The Silk Road in the time of Genghis Khan. For now, we recommend you pick their designs up on eBay. Keep an eye on Save the Queen!