Ach! Too! Busy! Cripes! Eyes! Burning!

Be careful with denim, people. This is an example of where a simple crime against denim could lead to total outfit mayhem. We don't care what you're wearing under that jacket; we take one look at it and we're having a seizure on the floor.

This jean jacket from Josephs-colours-sells on eBay is a Coldwater Creek from the underacknowledged realm of "trying to look like your mother and doing it wrong."

Everyone loves a beautiful brocade pattern, and if this were cut as a blazer, not made of denim, and a different color, we'd love it. But we hate it. There. It's out there.

You gotta be careful with blues, people. This "almost denim" color looks funny 99% of the time, with the exception of when it's a dress and when it's worn with white. But make an "almost denim colored" jacket out of denim? And put a pattern on it? No. Unacceptable.