We doubt anybody is unaware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know that it's also Fair Trade Month? Cat brought us the scoop last week on Pangea Collection's fabulous Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet -- for every one purchased, $10 will go toward breast cancer research. But Pangea is doing more.

Throughout this entire month, Pangea Collection will donate $1 from any Fair Trade Jewelry order to Opportunity International, one of the largest micro-finance organizations supporting Fair Trade in the world. Prices are extremely reasonable, with most pieces being in the $20 to $30 range, which means they'd be a great little gift for a friend, or a gorgeous little pick-me-up for you!

Pangea's Fair Trade Jewelry Collection

Tri-strand Red Horn Oval Bead Necklace, $26.36Narrow Painted Design Wood Bangle, $21.09Blue Camel Bone Cascading Necklace, $27.42Faceted Cut Wood and Black Horn Bangle, $26.36Coral Bead with Triple Medallion Pendant Necklace, $27.42

This collection comes from India, where three different Fair Trade Jewelry organizations, each with a different purpose. One focuses on women and children, another on the physically disabled, and the third on the impovershed but talented.

Statement pieces are big this season -- why make a social statement, too? Check out our favorites in the gallery!