Unless you live under a rock, you have seen the black lipstick trends that started at YSL last season. We've seen a lot of crazy trends come across our desk but this one really threw us for a loop. How does one pull of black lipstick in reality? Finally the light bulb flickered on. When fused with red, black lipstick becomes an ultra flattering crimson color. Ah ha!

Here are a few tips on how to pull it off and some of our favorite crimson crayons from Kat von D to YSL.

• Pair with minimal makeup for a very glamorous, old Hollywood look. Bonus! You don't need much else than to prep skin and throw on a coat of mascara.

• Step into the dark side and pair it with coal rimmed eyes for a more Gothic interpretation of the look.

• For a very realistic take on the trend, take a sheer black and blend it with a red lipstick right on your lips or in a palette mixer and apply.

YSL black lip trend

YSL black lip trendYSL black lip trendYSL black lip trendYSL black lip trendYSL black lip trend