When we heard about Self-Defense Stilettos, we have to admit that we got really excited. We pictured shoes with a James Bond-esque component, like a button to shoot pepper spray out of the heel or a hidden compartment in the platform for a stun gun or something.

Women's Self Defense Using Spike High Heels is a group that has a website dedicated to showing "how to humble dangerous, arrogant men in threatening situations with spike high heels as weapons."

It's not so much that the heels are being used as weapons, in case you're picturing a woman swinging a sharp stiletto at her attacker (because we were) -- it's just that they show women in skimpy outfits wearing high heels that they can kick in. They even have "superior quality DVDs, VHS Tapes, and Video CD's" available "to show actual solid action including heavy impact kicking in slow motion. Learn and feel the power from these brutal video scenarios of female dominance."

So, basically, America's Funniest Home Videos goes kinky. Got it.