Even if you're not a bath-taker, there's something about the first really cool night of fall that makes you want to take a hot, candlelit bath and just pamper yourself. But to do that, you need the right products -- fortunately, we've got some fabulous suggestions!

von Natur knows how to pamper you

Immune Boost Mustard Bath SoakNo Bump Aftershave Soothing BalmChaotic Facial TonerFemale Balancing Perfume BalmBlue Green Algae Body Polish
We've been using a couple of von Natur products and just loving them. The Blue Green Algae Body Polish ($40) is perfect for refreshing dull skin. The website says it will "repair, tone, firm, reduce photo and free radical damage, improve skin hydration and elasticity, smooth and soften with great penetrating ability, help inflamed or acne skin, cleanse refresh, absorb moisture, increase local blood circulation, and aid in healing minor wounds and irritated skin."

We don't know if it's done quite all that for us, but we can attest to the fact that it makes our skin feel (and look) really, really yummy, like we had a professional spa treatment.

The other goody we want to share is von Natur's Immune Boost Mustard Bath Soak ($23.50). Mustard baths have long been used to increase circulation and help rid the body of toxins, and they've blended that with antisceptic sea salts and other spirit-lifting essential oils to create a luxurious bath that might just help you fight off your annual mid-fall cold.