That's right, people. The man has gotten hold of Hearst's teen tome, CosmoGirl, and gave it a bad mean mugging, subsequently forcing the fashion magazine to shutdown its sparkling bubble gum pink doors riddled with refreshingly cheesy cover lines come this December.
Just in case you didn't know, the teen glossy was a spin-off of the more saucy and grown-up Cosmopolitan magazine, and up until now, has had a very successful run since its 1999 launch. Those with subscriptions to CosmoGirl will start receiving issues of Seventeen. The now displaced editor-in-chief of the teen mag, Susan Shultz, is "staying on at Hearst to work on special projects" whatever that means. As for the other 78 people now out of a job, no word on where they'll land but apparently they've been given the opportunity to interview for other positions within the company.

This may be just be the first in a series of once popular magazines that will crumble because this year and the next because of slagging sales. In the gallery, check out some of CosmoGirl's best covers over the years.

A look back at CosmoGirl

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