There is an undeniable manly appeal to a Tom Selleck or a Burt Reynolds that just can't be matched by baby-faced Zac Efron with his pretty eyelashes and smooth cheeks. It's all about the 'stache.
You know who really gets the gritty sex appeal of mustaches? Australians, who refer to them as "Mo". Can't really argue with that term, can you?

Also created by Australians? "Movember" a mustache growing event in the month usually known as November. The goal of this world-wide celebration of the Mo is to raise money and awareness for men's health.

As you would expect from something that started in Australia, it's heavy on the fun. They use humor to get people talking about a subject that most people avoid. In the U.S. the particular focus is on prostate cancer.

It's easy for men and women to be a part of Movember. Men, known as "Mo Bros" start out clean shaven, and grow the biggest and most attention getting mustache they can. "Mo Sistas" as the ladies are known, mainly are there to give encouragement, and be at the parties so th men will want to be there. Everyone gets to drink and laugh, and take pictures looking kind of goofy.

In a way, it's like extending Halloween parties through the entire month of November.

You can't argue with success. Since the first Movember in 2003, nearly 200,000 Mo Bros have raised $29 million globally for prostate cancer research. And they have some pretty famous supporters, like Borat, Randy Jones from the Village People, and sexy Mo Sista Nadine Valezquez from My Name is Earl. Working on that show, she knows her Mos!

Learn more, and join in the facial hair fun by checking out the Movember site. And in the gallery, some photos of famous Mos, including an exclusive pix of Blair Underwood sporting the hottest magic marker mustache we've ever seen.

The Mo Bros and Sistas of Movember

Randy Jones of the Village PeopleBorat loves MovemberBlair Underwood loves MovemberNadine Velazquez loves MovemberMovember Hulk Hogan Look-alike