(Cute, or just cross-dressing? Click the photo for more men in panty -- uh -- we mean MANtyhose)

For whatever reason, it seems appropriate to point out that many of history's "great men" like Napolean have been the tight-wearing types. But now that times have changed -- and men's couture no longer consists of powdered wigs and painted faces. So, staging a comeback for men's hosiery seems just a little bit eccentric and shady.

With the advent of manscara, manties, and now a major campaign to promote the acceptance of men wearing nylon stockings -- we can't tell if this is a genuine fashion trend, OR an attempt to make guys look stupid by convincing them that it's cool to wear pantyhose?

How to Wear Your Mantyhose

Standing Together for the CauseCamo HoseWill Hose Get You Women?

Sites promoting mantyhose say: no way, men's tights are all about masculinity and comfort. In fact, the e-MANcipate campaign strongly discourages men from selling out and shopping in the ladies hosiery section, saying: "Don't strengthen those companies who don't produce/sell male pantyhose... Buy male pantyhose." Other mantyhose enthusiasts list benefits like an extra layer to combat chafing while riding a bike. Or, the added warmth on a cool Autumn morning.

Hmmm, maybe pantyhose are really masculine. That must have been why Robin Hood liked them so much.

Actually, we think e-MANcipate's campaign is really hilarious -- partly because we can't tell if it's genuine or not. If some guy wants to wear pantyhose, good for him. When it comes to staging a campaign for society to accept mantyhose, we can't say we're really all that interested -- and here's why: what do you do with all of that ugly leg hair sticking out through the mantyhose? Not too attractive.

What do you think? Will you promote the acceptance of pantyhose in men's fashion?