Jumpsuits and rompers are going to the "big" trend come spring – fact. And no one did them better for spring than Yves Saint Laurent.

On the very last day of fashion week, the YSL label showed a collection that completely blew us away. What we were most intrigued by was the way that they made jumpsuits wearable – a YSL specialty. They were so slickly made that we had to do a double take, thinking that most of them were a dress before we took a second glance. The gorgeously Parisian inspired color palette (you guessed it, neutral) gave the jumpers a more timeless elegance too.

Though we are almost certain that jumpsuits will be a flash in the pan, if we invest in anyone's, it will definitely be a YSL.

Check out the gallery to play "Dress or Jumpsuit?" and let us know how you did.

YSL Jumpsuits

Dress or jumpsuit? Dress or jumpsuit? Dress or jumpsuit? Jumpsuit!Stefano Pilati