As part of our ongoing campaign to make this the most superficial election in US history, here's the latest Botox rumor buzzing around the campaign trail. According to experts, the reason Joe Biden's forehead and eyes sometimes look a little stiff or sleepy is that he's most likely undergone a botox procedure to disable his scowl muscle. And who can blame him? Scowling at superstar Sarah Palin at a debate is certainly not going to win him any bonus points from female voters.

It's been pointed out from time to time that Joe Biden is a snazzy dresser. He also kinda smiles in a way that seems a little exaggerated and uncomfortable. Is it really that hard to believe that he might have had a little work done on his face? And so what if he did -- does it matter? He's certainly not the only candidate to be suspected of Botoxing it up for the election.

One University of Maryland professor who studies candidates' body movements puts it diplomatically, saying that it's "a little strange that nothing moves from the eyes on up." In response to the allegations that the VP candidate has had a Botox injection, Biden's spokesman fired back, saying that once Bush is out of office,
"a lot of Americans will have fewer worry lines on their faces...But my goodness, until then can't we actually talk about the economy, the millions of foreclosures and the fact that Americans lost 2 trillion bucks in their 401(k)s this month? Seriously."
Sure, we could be concerned with larger political issues like the economy, but then we wouldn't be doing our due diligence as a fashion blog. Plus, we think it's pretty important to highlight that the most physically attractive candidate usually carries the election.