OK, we haven't heard anything about Pierre Cardin designing costumes for a trippy sci-fi/adventure movie, but at least that would be a reasonable explanation for this funky down jacket with an antennae on top! This design, along with others of equal weirdness, were unveiled by Cardin as part of his Spring-Summer 2009 and Autumn-Winter 2009 collections at his home in southern France last week.

Let's hope this particular jacket is part of the Halloween Costume collection, otherwise we'd really have to wonder about Pierre's sense of reality. Usually, we're not too crazy about collections that are designed just to attract attention, but Cardin's collection really takes it to the next level. We have no idea why he chose to dress models up like the ghosts from Pac Man, but we like it. Other highlights of this playful collection are what we call Black Hole Woman and her evil twin Psychedelic Swirl Girl -- perhaps out two favorites.

Pierre Cardin's Futuristic 2009 Collection

Black Hole WomanPsychedelic Swirl GirlSleeping Bag HagThe Golden AccordionPierre Cardin, Intergalactic Man of Mystery

So, is there any possibility that the styles in this collection will translate into everyday fashion? Please say yes. Maybe in a really fashion-forward place like Tokyo?