And now? Boytox.

It's not just for Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out anymore.

Says New York Magazine's Sharon Clott:
"As middle-aged men reenter the workforce and try to appear younger, Botox has become the 'new expensive haircut.' We'll say it again: Men are the new women."

And, today in the New York Times:
"The 45-year-old publisher of a New York-based magazine, who spoke on the condition that his name not be used, started Botox treatments when he was 41. In typical fashion, he went in after his wife started having treatments. 'Initially, it was curiosity,' he said. 'I was starting to get three long lines and I was like, "That's definitely a sign of aging" and I thought if I slow it down, that won't be a bad thing. I spent $4,000 on a suit, why not use Botox?'"

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