At the end of last week we saw Katie Couric's hair done up in a Hockey-mom-esque twist, and we knew our deepest fears had been confirmed. The Palin Up Do Effect is in full force, viscerally felt in hair salons across the nation. Many things are contagious -- colds, verbal tics, a love of Gossip Girl. But we'd hoped the media elite were strong enough to withstand the allure of Sarah Palin's iconic "wedding hair on a weekday" coiffure.

Alas, they were not.

Couric was one of the first, and most visible victims, but others are popping up all over the place. Some expected, some feared, some beyond help. In the gallery, a who's who of Palin Up Do sufferers.

Who else should sport the Palin updo?

Governor Palin's trendsetting updoShould Cindy McCain sport the Palin updo?Maybe notShould Joe Biden sport the Pain updo?Definitely