Back in the 70s, Only Hearts was a store that sold everything -- and only -- items that were heart related. Over the years this love connection turned to romantic apparel, with store owner Helena Stuart creating her own line of lingerie that she often wore herself as outwear.
This "inner outerwear" became as much a signature of the store as the hearts, and now Only Hearts offers a broad range of soft, sexy and appealing items you can wear under, over...or only.

Some of their hottest items for fall are surprising, like high waisted-panties, and somewhat appalling, like stirrup tights. But all of them are luxurious, sexy and tempting!

Only Hearts, layers that go next to your skin

So Fine Stirrup LeggingsWrap TunicSecond Skins spaghetti strap slipDelicious with lace camisoleHigh waisted panties