With their quasi-perverted finger on the pulse of the nation's hipster demographic, Dov Charney and his cohorts at American Apparel had the not-so-brilliant idea to come up with some DIY costume ideas for notoriously indecisive twenty-somethings. The minds at American Apparel actually came up with quite a few ideas, but some work much better than others. The unifying theme, as always, is AA's trademark ability to insert soft-core porn into every situation. After all, aren't slutty costumes what Halloween's really all about?

American Apparel's DIY Halloween

Monica Seles?Gold DiggerRichard Simmons?Nudist ColonyThe Rainbow

In our opinion, far and away the best -- and most offensive -- costume you can easily construct using stuff you bought at American Apparel is the Tennis Player costume. Presumably inspired by Monica Seles, they make no mention of the tragic no. 1 tennis queen who was literally stabbed in back with a steak knife by a psychotic Steffi Graf fan. We guess that's pretty spooky and Halloween appropriate.

Other honorable mentions go to the sexy "Gold Digger" costume made up of a gold lamé tube top and mini skirt (shovel not included), the "Fitness Guru," and of course the NSFW "Nudist Colony," which to our surprises only features simulated nudity.